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  PajerPhoto Album 3D

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PajerPhoto Album 3D    If you have been looking for a great Album to show off your pictures then look no further!  PajerPhoto Album 3D is easy to use, just select a picture folder and your ready to go!


 PajerPhoto Album  3D  can view up to 4000 JPEG, Bitmap, PNG or TARGA pictures with the option of adding a sound to each picture. 


The 3D Gallery supercedes PajerGallery 3D and is simpler but with a greater picture capacity ( 4000 instead of 40). The pictures can be JPEG photos instead of bitmaps and no control program is needed, just select a picture folder(s) to start.




Dynamic Spelling Bee

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Dynamic Spelling Bee is a powerful  multimedia spelling bee which runs under Windows 98 or greater with  features aimed at anyone who want results. Multimedia features  include high quality sound and a built-in recorder so linking sounds to words in the spelling dictionary is easy. Version 3.1 has two spelling bees, one with a  27,000+ word spelling dictionary, which can actually produce customized random lists and the other uses your text Spelling Lists  at the touch of a button. 






Snakes, Trains and Bees

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Snakes, Trains and Bees is an educational board game based on Snakes and ladders.  

Snakes, Trains and Bees comes with ten enjoyable board games plus the option of making them into a marvelous learning aid by switching on the Spelling Bee.  






 Learn Math 3D on Orbital One 

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Learn Math 3D on Orbital One is a basic math course designed for students of all ages who want to brush up on their basic math skills. The nine math topics are Counting, Number system, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, 2D and 3D shapes, Simple Fractions and Telling  the time.   Each topic has a learn module and a test module.

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A great feature is the math workout lessons. The workouts are randomly created sums the student can either answer or watch the computer answer.  There are workouts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and telling the time.




Free Learn Addition on Orbital One

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We have produced a stand alone program which can downloaded allowing  you to try out the software for free.

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Free Learn Addition on Orbital One is more than a demo and includes all the learn and test modules for the addition topic.  It does n


Free Learn Addition is over 16MB in size so it might take a while to download via dial up! 


My Safety Pin       

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Never forget your Pin number again! 

My Safety Pin is aimed at anyone who has a poor memory for numbers or is unable to remember their pin numbers no matter how hard they try. My Safety Pin is simple but effective. It allows you, at your own risk,  to create a print out of a table of random numbers and within that table place your pin number. 


Using a simple wizard you decide where to place your pin number based on one or two secret words only you know. You can unlock your pin number any time by using your secret word. It can build your confidence knowing you can quickly look up your pin number before you have to use it.  As long as you follow some simple security guide lines  your pin number should remain safe.




Rapid Email Support     

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Rapid Email Support  is a software productivity tool designed to save you time, thereby money, by speeding up the turnaround time for replying to emails.  


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Rapid Email Support runs under Windows 98 and above. Because Rapid Email Support utilizes Microsoft's (r) Outlook (r) and Access ( or Excel ) (r) 2000 and above they are a requirement to run our software.


Time is the best productivity gain you can make.

  Free WinShuffle  with Block Jigsaw

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Large block jigsawFree WinShuffle  has two types of puzzle, a shuffle and a block Jigsaw. The object of Shuffle is to put the squares into their correct sequence. Seems easy but gets fiendishly difficult near the end. 

Block Jigsaw allows you to take any suitable bitmap and use it for your jigsaw.



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