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Download PajerPhoto Album 3D


You can download PajerPhoto Album 3D from our web site - just click the button or link below:- 

Download PajerPhoto Album 3D

  Click here to download PajerPhoto Album 3D exe file   1.2MB

Download PajerPhoto Album 3D zipped file 

  Download a zip version. 1.19MB


Exe  =  Allows you to start the installation just by running the program.  

Zip  =  Zip contains the same installation file but you need to unzip and remove the installation file first. 


After downloading the file just run it to start the installation software then follow the on screen



You can also download PajerPhoto Album  3D from a trusted 3rd party:-

You can download a free 30 day trial of PajerPhoto Album  3D directly from the c/net  site click the button below:- 

Get it from CNET!




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