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This page contains all of the downloads available from Pajersoft


Download the software via Pajersoft ftp site

Software Exe or zip Version  Approx. Size  Link button
PajerPhoto Album 3D Exe 1.0 1.2MB Download PajerPhoto Album 3D
PajerPhoto Album 3D Zip 1.0 1.19MB Download PajerPhoto Album 3D zipped file
Dynamic Spelling Bee Exe 3.1 5MB Download Dynamic Spelling Bee
Dynamic Spelling Bee Zip 3.1 5MB Download zipped Dynamic Spelling Bee
Snakes, Trains and Bees Exe 1.3 1.6MB Download Snakes, Trains and Bees
Snakes, Trains and Bees Zip 1.3 1.6MB Download zipped Snakes, Trains and Bees
Rapid Email Support Exe 1.0 752KB Download Rapid Email Support
My Safety Pin Exe 1.1 535KB Download My Safety Pin
PajerGallery 3D  Exe 1.1 2.3MB Download PajerGallery 3D
Free Learn Addition on Orbital One Exe 1.0 16MB Download Free Learn Addition on Orbital One
Learn Math Question Maker Exe 1.0 728KB Download Learn Math Question Maker
Free WinShuffle ( with Block Jigsaw) Exe 1.0 1.8MB Download Free WinShuffle

Free Dynamic Spelling Bee data downloads including spelling lists and extra dictionary sounds 

Dynamic Spelling Bee:  Spelling lists  Zip N/A 16KB Download Dynamic Spelling Bee spelling lists
Import dictionary package: Test package Exe N/A 500KB Download Dynamic Spelling Bee Import dictionary package:
Import dictionary package: Sounds for 11 year old level dictionary  category.  Exe N/A 5.5MB Download Dynamic Spelling Bee Import dictionary package:

Exe  =  Allows you to start the installation just by running the program.  

Zip  =  Zip contains the same installation file but you need to unzip and remove the installation file first. 






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