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Learn Math 3D on Orbital One is a  basic math software course set within a real time 3D environment. The software course is designed to improve your basic math skills and comprises of nine math topics, each topic has a learn section and a test section to ensures you have learnt the topic. 


The nine math topics are:  Counting, Number system, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, 2D and 3D shapes, Simple Fractions and Telling  the time.


What makes Learn Math 3D on Orbital One different?  Most educational software are designed to test or play games when what is needed is software the student can learn from. Learn Math 3D on Orbital One main feature is the emphasis on learning math and this is provided by  seventy two learn modules covering nine topics.  


Math tests are important to confirm  the student has learnt the topic and Learn Math 3D provides 243 tests with an additional 243 tests which can be custom made using the Math question maker software. 


Also including in the software package is a results program, setup program, math question maker and online help. The test question maker allows you to create your own tests. The questions are created in a 2D Windows environment ready for use within Learn Math 3D on Orbital One's 3D environment.   



You can now try out the software for free by downloading  Free Learn Addition on Orbital On [ 16 MB ] which is the addition topic from the full program.  It contains all 8 lessons and 27 tests from the topic as well as the very comprehensive  user guide- help file (165K) which contains help topics for all the programs in the package.   T


Learn Math 3D on Orbital One runs under Windows 95 and above


Learn Math 3D on Orbital One requirements

 The software runs under  Windows Operating systems only. ( sorry no Mac or UNIX versions). The software uses Mircosoft's (tm) DirectX graphic software which is normally present on modern machines. See the Direct X  requirements page for more information.   The minimum hard disk size is  40MB but requires 220MB for the full software package.  ( over 200MB are  sound waveform files ).



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