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 Download version 3.1 of Dynamic Spelling Bee and dictionaries

You can download version 3.1 from our web site - just click the button or link below:- 
Download Dynamic Spelling Bee Download  version 3.1 of Dynamic Spelling Bee [5MB] 
   Download a zipped version. [5MB]


1. Create a new folder to hold the file  dsbsetup.exe 

2. Click the button above to start the download process.

3. Once you have downloaded the file run ( Double click) dsbsetup.exe  to start the installation.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions.  


Download extra dictionary sounds.

New to version 3.1 we will be adding extra sounds for words in the spelling dictionary.   All the extra sound dictionaries are free for you to use with Dynamic Spelling Bee. Once installed into Dynamic Spelling Bee's folder you can import them into the spelling dictionary.


Install Package  Package Description 

 Download link 


(0.5 Mb)

 Test package.  A few words to let you try out Dynamic Spelling Bee's import option. 




 Words for 11 year old ( easier ) spelling dictionary  category. 


For the complete instructions on how to import sound/word dictionaries click here


Installation Instructions

1. You should install Dynamic spelling Bee before trying to install these sound packages.  

2. Download the package.

3. Double click the installation setup file to start the installation. 

4. You will be offered  "C:\Program Files\Dynamic Spelling Bee"  as the default path. Change this to where you actually installed Dynamic Spelling Bee.

5.  You will be warned that the directory already exists and do you want to install  to that directory anyway. Dynamic Spelling Bee should exist so click the Yes button to continue.

6. The package will be installed in  "importdr" directory under its package name dsbdic01, dsbdic02 etc. 

7. It is now ready for Dynamic Spelling Bee to import the sounds/dictionary using a simple wizard.



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