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Security guidelines

These are some simple commonsense suggestions.  

Security guidelines 

  • Read the  Security guidelines on the help file that comes with My Safety pin.
  • When using an outside cash machine ensure no external devices are attached to it.
  • Do not allow any one to know your pin number.
  • Make sure NO ONE is near you when you enter your pin number. 
  • Ensure you have no spy ware on your computer.
  • Do not  touch the pin number positions on the table. You could leave a tell tail sign for someone.  
  • Do not point to your pin number position on the table ( in public at least!).  
  • Do not write down the words - it defeats the whole point!
  • Keep an eye on the expiry date of  your cards and let your card issuer know you have not received a new one if you are near the date of  expiry but before the start of the new one. Cards are normally sent out at least a couple of weeks before the expiry date. 
  • Each time you change your pin table print out you should change the position of your pin number.
  • Only use the Diagonal Pin placement for non secure options.   
  • For added security do not have your pin number together in a row or column. I know its easier for you but even adding a small gap in the middle increases your security greatly.
  • When you have finished using My Safety Pin close it immediately and do not leave program open. Using the zoom and random features could allow a third party to find your pin number!  
  • Use a full or nearly full pin table.
  • The print header is to help you know which card the print out belongs to, e.g. "card 2". Under no circumstances should you put anything in the header which could comprise the security of the print out.

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