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My Safety Pin Features

My Safety Pin is designed to produce a table of random numbers containing your pin number safely within it.  Please download and try out My Safety Pin before purchasing.  Use at your own risk, only you can decide if My Safety Pin is secure enough for you to use.   Please read the online help on how to use the software.

The features are:

Pin Wizard

The Pin Wizard guides you through the simple process of placing your pin number within the random number table. 

Zoom Feature 

You can reduce the size of the table if you feel the lower security is acceptable. Very handy if you have poor eyesight or find the large table is too complex in real life situations. You can return the table to full size by clicking the Full Table button.

Randomize Feature

Randomize all the numbers until you are happy the numbers do not clash with your pin number.

Print and Print Preview

You can print out the table as an option under Pin Wizard. If you feel you want more control over the final table output you can use the Zoom and Randomize features to tailor what you see in the final print out.

Simple Security features

The pin number is not saved to disk. There is an optional Square security bar showing the percentage of table squares to be printed.  Please read the help file to help you with placement of the numbers.  

Comprehensive Help file


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